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Frequently Asked Questions

Why doesn’t my new cement Terrazzo floor have the sheen and luster of my neighbor’s? Mine looks blotchy and dull!

Terrazzo, like a fine wine, gets better with age. There will be a significant difference in the appearance of a new Terrazzo floor and one that has had time to cure. While your floor may lack the beauty you expect initially, with natural cure and the passing of time, your floor will acquire the luster and beauty that Terrazzo is known for.

Why do Terrazzo floors look better with age?

The finish of a Terrazzo floor depends on the amount of moisture present. Moisture must be added to the Terrazzo products during the composition, curing, grinding, grouting and polishing stages. Structurally this guarantees a quality installation. Over time, the moisture will dissipate and escape through the finished surface. It is necessary to regulate this process. The Terrazzo must be sealed with a penetrating type sealer.

Trapped moisture will migrate to the areas adjacent to the strips causing this area to be darker until it is completely cured. It is not unusual, for this moisture to create efflorescence and / or tarnish metal dividers. This is easily remedied using an 80 grit or finer 3-M type screen mesh pad under the scrubbing machine during cleaning.

The curing time will vary depending upon temperature, humidity and ground water conditions. After the tarnish is removed, the screen pad should not be used. Each passing day, with normal maintenance, the aesthetics of your Terrazzo floor will increase. Obviously, this requires your patience, but rest assured that the results are magnificent.

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